Gujarat govt to launch ‘Digital Seva Setu Yojana 2021’. Phase-1 online Registration

Recently, the Government of Gujarat has launched the Digital Seva Setu  Program. The main objective of this program is to provide digital services to rural people. Under the digital Seva Setu program, from now on you do not have to go to taluka or district level for more than 20 government works. Many kinds of work can be done from one’s own gram panchayat.

Digital Seva Setu Yojana 2021

The Gujarat government wants to bring digital transformation to the state’s infrastructure by launching a new digital scheme called Digital Service Bridge. The scheme is the first digital initiative by any state government of any state in India.   

The scheme will be available to all residents of Gujarat and will provide public welfare services through the Internet. The new scheme launched by the Gujarat government will provide electronic services to the residents of Gujarat. Residents will be able to avail of various public welfare electronic schemes through their in-house digital service bridge program.  

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Gujarat govt to launch 'Digital Seva Setu Yojana 2020'. Phase-1 online Registration

Service offered under Digital Seva Setu program

The following facilities will be made available at the village level under the Digital Seva Setu Yojana.

  • Adding name in ration card
  • Deletion of name from the ration card
  • Change the name in the ration card
  • Apply for a new ration card
  • Affidavit
  • Certificate for widows
  • Cast certificate
  • Residence Certificate
  • Income certificate
  • Non reserved cast certificate
  • Religious minority certificate
  • Language-based minority certificate
  • Mukhyamantri krushi sahay

Charge of certificate

Under the Digital Seva Setu program, you only have to pay a fee of Rs. 20 to get the above mentioned certificate. Apart from this, no other fee has to be paid.  

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