Download Nishtha Talim Module Question Solution Pdf and Aheval Lekhan

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Nishtha Talim Module: As you can see, our country is currently preparing for the National Education Policy (NEP) 2020. A summary is appreciated for its breadth and inclusion. This policy is the first to support the introduction of preschool education in the mainstream of the formal education system as a formal institution.

Nishtha Talim All Module Link, Aheval, Question Pdf 

Basic literacy is the basis of all future education for a child. Lack of basic skills in reading, writing, arithmetic, and interpretation does not enable the child to adapt to the post-standard 3 courses.

The mission will focus on five areas – enrollment and development of children in the basic school year, teacher capacity development, higher and diverse students and learning resources, development of teaching materials, study outcomes. Monitoring the child’s progress in receiving; And addressing aspects of children’s nutrition and health (including mental health).

Under online Nishtha training, every teacher has to complete all the modules of the Nishtha course on the DIKSHA Application. You can search for any course using the search button provided in the application to join the module.

Here we have given you a direct link to join the loyalty course. You can join the course by clicking on it. we also provide a sample of Nishtha Talim module Aheval in Word file format. you can download the Nishtha Talim module Aheval word file by clicking on the link given below.

Nishtha Talim Module Link (Join Course)

Here is all the Module link in the list. Teachers can join the module by clicking on the link. Here we will keep updating the link of each module. So that you can easily join each course. Nishtha Talim Module link.

  1. GJ_1_FLN મિશનનો પરિચય (NISHTHA FLN)
  2. GJ_2_ક્ષમતા આધારિત શિક્ષણ તરફ પ્રયાણ
  3. GJ_3_અધ્યેતાને સમજવા: બાળકો કેવી રીતે શીખે છે?
  4. GJ_4_પાયાની સાક્ષરતા અને સંખ્યા જ્ઞાન માટે માતા પિતા અને સમુદાયોની ભાગીદારી

Nishtha Talim Module Word File Download

You can download the Nishtha Talim Module Aheval given here in the Word file. This Aheval is provided as a sample. So that every trainee has eased in Aheval writing. here is Nishtha module aheval pdf download. Nishtha Talim module 2 aheval, module 3 aheval word file.  

Nishtha Talim Aheval pdf in Gujarati, Nishtha Talim Aheval Module 1,2,3,4. Nishtha Talim Assignment file,

  • Download Module 1 Aheval (અહેવાલ): Click Here
  • Download Module 2 Aheval (અહેવાલ): Click Here

Nishtha Talim Module Answer Key (Question Solution Pdf)

Download all module questions with solutions. here is a 100% right answer given in pdf file format. Every teacher will have to get a certificate of completion of Nishtha training after completing the online Module Talim. For which the trainee has to get 70% marks in the evaluation work of the course.

Nishtha answer key, Nishtha Talim module question solution pdf, Nishtha module 3 solution pdf, all module solution, Nishtha Talim Answer key Pdf, 

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