The government made 4 big announcements for farmers | Relief package 3.0

Some funds have been provided for the farmers of Gujarat by the Gujarat Government and the Central Government under various schemes through which the farmers will be benefited

Through this scheme, various financial assistance has been given to the farmers to make them self-reliant.

The government made 4 big announcements for farmers  Relief package 3.0

4 Big announcements for farmers by Government

Currently, the country is going through a very difficult time due to covid-19, and this time due to heavy rains, farmers’ crops have been damaged. So the government has made four important announcements for farmers in the recently released relief package 3.0 which are as follows.

1. Rs.65000 relief package for farmers

  • India’s Finance Minister Nirmala Sitaram on November 12 announced a relief package of 3.0 which was also announced for farmers. Under the announcement, Rs 65,000 crore has been allocated to Indian farmers.
  • The central government has allotted a relief package to make the country’s farmers self-reliant.
  • The package will benefit 14 crore farmers in the country.
  • Under this package, fertilizer subsidy will be given to farmers.
  • The Finance Minister said that Relief Package 3.0 has also been taken care of by the farmers and the agriculture sector.

2. Gujarat Government’s Agriculture Relief Package

  • An agricultural relief package of Rs 3700 crore was released for farmers affected by heavy rains in the state of Gujarat.
  • Under this relief package, farmers from 123 talukas of 20 districts of Gujarat had filled up the forms and the farmers who are currently getting assistance.
  • According to an agriculture official, before November 15, every farmer in Gujarat will get crop failure assistance.
  • More than Rs 1,800 crore has been disbursed to 14 lakh farmers under this relief package.
  • The government estimated that 27 lakh farmers would fill up the forms but only 19 lakh farmers filled up the forms.


3. Rs 2700 assistance to the farmer.

  • The state government pays Rs. 2700 per three months to the farmers engaged in natural farming based on indigenous cows as announced by the state government.
  • Under which many farmers of Gujarat have already deposited the first installment in their bank accounts and according to an agriculture official, the second installment will now be deposited in January 2021.
  • Let me tell you that the form verification process of many farmers is still going on in Gujarat. As the verification takes place, the farmer will get help.

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4. Fertilizer price reduction

  • The IFFCO company has reduced the price of fertilizer
  • The purchase of NPK bags has been reduced by Rs 50 and a new price of Rs 925 has been announced.
  • Earlier, the company had slashed the prices of NPK and DAP bags.
Friends, share this information with every farmer in Gujarat so that all farmers can avail the benefits of these schemes.

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